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End of 2017 haul and Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year to anyone who is passing by, I hope you will have a great one! I am starting 2018 with my most recent purchases in this “haul” article.


I ordered a few Korean cosmetic products on one of my favorite K-beauty website that is I would 100% recommend this website that offers a large variety of products with decent shipping fee prices.

I am a big fan of Joan Kim on YouTube and she is the one who inspired me to try out COSRX skincare line. So I basically got a full new skincare routine. I was so excited to try the ever so famous COSRX Pimple Pads that she raves about so much but also the Centella Blemish Cream. I have been using the products for almost 2 weeks now and I can already tell that my skin is changing.

I also got a few makeup items, such as a new eyelash curler from Clio – that I hate by the way, don’t get it – and an eyeliner pen from J.ESTINA.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in London. I had a lot of fun going to Winter Wonderland, where I ice-skated for the first time in my entire life. I don’t know about you guys but London also screams shopping to me… well I am actually proud of me for not going on a shopping spree there. I definitely controlled myself and only got a few drugstore products that I believe everyone should get when traveling in London.


I restock on my favorite budget-friendly Collection 2000 concealer in the shade 01. Truly the best, nothing else compares to it. I have been curling my hair for the past few months and for some reason, I haven’t been using any heat protectant which can be damaging, so I picked up the Tresemmé heat protectant in Superdrug to act as a heat barrier. And of course, I used that “Exclusive to Superdrug” as an excuse to buy another Batiste dry shampoo, knowing that I have three left in stock from my last trip… naughty me. After a short trip to Covent Garden, which is actually one of my favorite spots in the city, me and my friends went to The Ordinary where we got each of us a Serum Foundation as well as the Salicylic Acid treatment.

Again, I have been trying out most of the products from this article so if you guys are interested in reading more about a particular product, don’t hesitate to make a request!


VDL Sheer Matt Cushion

VDL sheer matt cushion

Winter is coming to Paris which means that I am going to have a hard time picking out my bases for the season. I recently decided to go back to cushion foundations because I remembered buying a few of them while I was in Seoul and that I have to use them before buying more…

I have been testing the VDL Sheer Matt Cushion for a good decent month now, alternatively with my beloved Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid foundation which I love. In terms of packaging, it has a regular sturdy compact that comes with a nice size mirror and a good firm sponge puff. I quite like the sleek all white look of the case as well.

I got the shade A02 which I believe is the second lightest shade. I have tried many Korean cushions before and always have found myself struggling to pick the right shade for me. I must say that I often end up quite disappointed by the shade range when it comes to Korean bases. It’s usually either too grey or too white most of the time but surprisingly, this one was a pretty good match. As most of the Korean base products do, this cushion has whitening purposes, which can be bothersome sometimes – who wants to look like a ghost – whereas this one just slightly whitens the complexion.

I like the finish on my skin, which is definitely not a full matte look but truly what I would also call a “sheer matte” finish. I noticed during the application process that the product sets quickly but not entirely. The cushion is confortable to wear at the beginning and will leave your face looking glowy at the end of the day, so I think that it requires a bit of powdering because I personally don’t like to feel the product when I touch my sticky face by accident.

However, after wearing it for a while, usually 9 to 10 hours a day, I feel that the product dries out my combination skin throughout the day, which is a problem that happens regularly on me. It slowly starts to reveal fine lines under my eyes, and tends to migrate around my nose area. That’s why I would recommend to press the product on a hydrated surface and stay away from the eye area to prevent cases of creasing.

I would say that you definitely have to touch up throughout the day to keep the base intact, which I don’t do. I’m a student and I spent most of my time in class so I don’t really have the time and the urge to check my makeup every hour… Generally speaking, it is a good product but not irreplaceable. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect cushion foundation.


Summer makeup routine

The lazy me during summer break reaches for easy time-saving makeup products. Here I am writing about my 10-minute summer makeup routine.

makeup routine

After my super-quick skincare routine, I put on concealer on the dark circles underneath my eyes using Collection 2000 Lasting concealer; lovely product that has a strong staying power beside providing nice coverage. I sometimes mix it up with Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer – I do not know if it is because mine is defective or not but I do not like it so far. I am still trying to use it up so I sometimes apply the mixture on pimples and dark spots.

For the main base, I love using Urban Decay Hybrid Complexion Perfector which feels more like a tinted moisturizer to me. The product has a light watery texture and provides a nice light to medium coverage. I especially like the semi-matte finish on the skin as well as the included SPF of 50. Wish there were lighter shades though…

Even if my skin tends to be dry on some areas, I still powder my face, slightly under my eyes and on my T-zone with my e.l.f High Definition Powder.

Skipping blush, bronzer and contouring, I move straight to my eyes by giving them a good curl to open them up – crucial stage for Asian eyes! After that, I tight-line my upper lash line with my beloved theSAEM Powerproof Mega Slim Liner to make my lashes appear fuller. Then I add a few coats of Clinique High Impact mascara and I am done with the eyes!

I also discovered Saemmul Browcara in dark brown by theSaem. This stuff stays put throughout the whole day once it is brushed onto the brows and adds just the right amount of definition.

As we are in the summer, I would rather keep my lips light with a sheer wash of bright color than a matte lips look so I use Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade Pink Shock.