VDL Sheer Matt Cushion

VDL sheer matt cushion

Winter is coming to Paris which means that I am going to have a hard time picking out my bases for the season. I recently decided to go back to cushion foundations because I remembered buying a few of them while I was in Seoul and that I have to use them before buying more…

I have been testing the VDL Sheer Matt Cushion for a good decent month now, alternatively with my beloved Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid foundation which I love. In terms of packaging, it has a regular sturdy compact that comes with a nice size mirror and a good firm sponge puff. I quite like the sleek all white look of the case as well.

I got the shade A02 which I believe is the second lightest shade. I have tried many Korean cushions before and always have found myself struggling to pick the right shade for me. I must say that I often end up quite disappointed by the shade range when it comes to Korean bases. It’s usually either too grey or too white most of the time but surprisingly, this one was a pretty good match. As most of the Korean base products do, this cushion has whitening purposes, which can be bothersome sometimes – who wants to look like a ghost – whereas this one just slightly whitens the complexion.

I like the finish on my skin, which is definitely not a full matte look but truly what I would also call a “sheer matte” finish. I noticed during the application process that the product sets quickly but not entirely. The cushion is confortable to wear at the beginning and will leave your face looking glowy at the end of the day, so I think that it requires a bit of powdering because I personally don’t like to feel the product when I touch my sticky face by accident.

However, after wearing it for a while, usually 9 to 10 hours a day, I feel that the product dries out my combination skin throughout the day, which is a problem that happens regularly on me. It slowly starts to reveal fine lines under my eyes, and tends to migrate around my nose area. That’s why I would recommend to press the product on a hydrated surface and stay away from the eye area to prevent cases of creasing.

I would say that you definitely have to touch up throughout the day to keep the base intact, which I don’t do. I’m a student and I spent most of my time in class so I don’t really have the time and the urge to check my makeup every hour… Generally speaking, it is a good product but not irreplaceable. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect cushion foundation.


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Today I’m back with a review on one of my latest discoveries in terms of skincare, which is the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I had heard about this product many years ago and have always wanted to get my hands on this product: some makeup artists would use this cream on models during fashion shows… I finally had the chance to grab the product while shopping with a friend of mine and I’ve been trying this out for almost two months now. Let me get straight to the point: this is not overhyped for no reason, it is definitely a holy grail!

I’m talking about a moisturizer which has a light texture that penetrates rapidly into the skin. It has become my greatest ally during this cold and dry period of the year. I squeeze about a hazelnut size of the cream and rub the product onto my entire face. It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated for the whole day. I find that it really fights against the formation of dry patches that could ruin makeup application. I have been struggling to find a rich moisturizer that could help me go through the winter but those days are gone now, I don’t have to worry anymore! As it’s written on the packaging, this cream acts as a perfect makeup base as well! I have nothing more to say about this product other than I’m in love.

Embryolisse Lait Concentré


Night time skincare routine

I don’t change my routine frequently since I am the type of person who tends to stick to a routine if she finds something working. My skin is prone to redness, dryness and is quite sensitive. Disclaimer; what works for me might not work for you.

night skincare

These days, I have been using SVR Micellar Solution to take my eye makeup off with the help of a few cotton buds that I run on my lashes. I like to double cleanse with theSAEM Snail Deep Cleansing cleanser which has the weirdest texture ever, similar to white glue that adheres to the skin to remove impurities leaving it deeply hydrated. I said that I like to stick to a routine but if I feel like a little bit of change, it would probably be choosing another cleansing method. I will definitely write an article about the different types of cleansing products I use in the future!

My night time cream of choice is Skinfood Bounce Grape cream. I believe the brand came out with the Bounce Grape line only recently. This cream has a light gel texture that penetrates into the skin almost instantly. It delivers high level of moisture and leaves your skin smoother than before. I have been having less and less dry patches on my face thanks to this gel cream!

To get rid of any pimple or imperfection, I have been using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ for a few years now. Great purchase, this tube format has been my ally from the first day of purchase. A little bit goes a long way. I usually dab a bit of product on every ‘little monster’ and my discolorations as well.

My favorite eye cream is Innisfree Orchid Eye cream. I feel like I am talking about this eye cream way too much but what can I do about it, this stuff works wonders on my eyes. If you want to know more about my thoughts here is the link to the review I made not too long ago.

Eventually, I try to use a light scrub once a week or two to remove dead skin. I like the Clinique 7 day scrub cream which is not too abrasive for my skin type.


Empties: Makeup edition

empties 2.png

Collection 2000 Cool Medium 2 – My holy grail concealer! I finished the lightest shade beforehand – the consistency is wonderful. I have no words for it. It blends beautifully under the eyes without drying, doesn’t accentuates the fine lines. I sometimes rub my eye area and this stuff doesn’t come off easily. Doesn’t leave weird patches like my rubbish Urban Decay Naked concealer… I will definitely stock up on this one when I will have the opportunity to go back to London!

Clinique Chubby stick 06 woppin’ watermelon – Just one of those colored lip balm sticks, this one is probably one of the originals. I liked it, feels as light on the lips as a lip balm… but smells like kids crayons.

Missha Under Eye Brightener light beige – This is a cheap alternative to any type of brightening concealers out there. I used to apply this over a first layer of corrector and I can say that it ran out pretty fast. The color was a touch too yellow for me but overall it was worth the money.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 01 – Good eye brow pencil, I quite liked the slanted end that is perfect to draw strokes in thick brows with – at least on mine – the spoolie end was really convenient too but gets dirty easily. I will probably try the repackaged one next time.

the SAEM ECO SOUL Powerproof Mega Slim Liner 02 Deep Brown – I seriously never ever loved a liner as much as I loved this one. This is one of the finest liners I have ever purchased beside the Clinique liner, this one is even slimmer. The only thing I have to reproach is that you get not much product inside. I used to line my eyes everyday with it and it lasted me 2 months. I will definitely repurchase it!

Kiko Rebel Bouncy blush 01 Velvet Peach (discontinued) – To be honest, I didn’t finish this blush… who finishes a blush seriously? I decided to throw this away because of its odd smooshy texture that started to look disgusting in the pan… I loved the color though, it really complimented my asian complexion.

Labello Honey lip balm – Really enjoyed using this honey scented lip balm. It was cheap and did its job of moisturizing my lips but I found myself reapplying the product many times. I will probably try something else next time.

Makeup Forever Aqua Smoky Lash Waterproof – So disappointed by this one. It just didn’t work for me at all. My eyelids tend to get oily throughout the day that’s why I always buy waterproof mascaras but this one is not at all waterproof nor oil-proof!  It smudged on me each time which made me look like I had panda eyes. Considering its price tag, I definitely don’t recommend it. Even some non-marketed as waterproof mascaras are more waterproof than this…

Rimmel Mattifying powder: I got rid of it while I was in Prague since the remaining product shattered but I would definitely repurchase it in the future. The packaging is crap so it’s not the best to travel with but it’s worth the money.


Empties: skincare edition

I’m going back to school in a few days so I definitely had to tidy the mess in my bathroom before leaving my parents’ place as I’m moving out soon. Here are the products that I finished recently.

empties 1 copie

REN Rosa Centifolia cleansing gel – What I really liked about this cleanser was the light rose scent. The gel texture lathers not as much as the usual cleansing gels on the market but I surprisingly enjoyed the thin lather on my face that didn’t leave my skin dry at all, which made the cleansing experience even more pleasant. I appreciated the packaging as it came with a nice pump. This product is also adapted to all skin types.

Innisfree Super volcanic pore clay mask – Got to try this mask when I had some bad skin issues a few months ago. It really helped me to get rid of impurities and dead skin especially around my nose. After a neat wash, this clay mask unclogs pores which improves skin texture. I strongly advice not to use it more than twice a week as the product would be too drying.

The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream – There’s nothing much to say about this cream; it works. Although I enjoyed using this day cream, I won’t repurchase it because it’s dear.

Eau précieuse lotion – This one was gifted to me by one of my mom’s friend. Not convinced, I finished it all but the product did not do much for my skin. It also has alcohol in it, that may be the reason why I wasn’t so pleased to use it.

L’Oréal Démaquillant express yeux et lèvres – Takes off strong waterproof eye makeup and tenacious liquid lipsticks. Don’t be mistaken by its price, this biphasic makeup remover is quality.

Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur – My first cream purchase from Bioderma and a good discovery. The texture is light and penetrates easily into the skin, leaving it radiant and fresh looking. It’s perfect as a day cream and has SPF 30. I highly recommend it for those of you who have sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Vprove Soy bean phyto therapy mask sheet (not shown) – A random guy got me to go inside one of the Vprove stores in Myeongdong with this free ‘Park Bo-gum’ mask. I only had a few experiences with sheet masks so far but I can definitely tell that this mask brought something to my face compared to the previous ones I had used. My cheeks felt bouncier and my fine lines seemed blurred out. I think I will repurchase it once I will be done with the ones I already have in my collection.

That’s it for today’s post. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, I’ll be thrilled to answer all of them!


Innisfree Orchid eye cream

I turned twenty a few months ago and my biggest skincare concern now is probably getting wrinkles and fine lines. I know… I’m “only” twenty. Well, better start early. I strongly believe that eye cream is an important step in a skincare routine that you should not miss. During my trip in Seoul a month ago, I bought myself Innisfree Orchid eye cream while I was wandering around in the busy streets of Myeongdong. I really wanted to try this product since it first came out firstly because Innisfree is one of my favorite Korean skincare brands and secondly because orchids are one of my favorite type of flowers.

innisfree eye cream

The scent isn’t too intense and goes away from your face as soon as you finish to apply the eye cream. I can get really small bumps under the eyes and this product has not irritated my skin yet. The texture is not thick at all but provides strong hydration hence I prefer to apply this product at night. I usually take a tiny sample of it and dab the product slightly under my eyes with my ring fingers. The eye cream sinks into the skin relatively quickly as you massage your eye area. Believe me, a small amount goes a long way! I rub the remaining product if any on the fine lines around my mouth as well.

After a good month of test, I can definitely see the difference. My eyes turned less puffy around, my dark circles are somehow getting less dark, I seem more awake when I just wake up… I said a few lines above that I could get bumps under my eyes… well, they disappeared. I guess you can tell from my writing, I am truly satisfied.

In terms of packaging, not the most convenient; I would have preferred a small tube or a small bottle with a pump but it is not a big deal to me. Price wise, this eye cream might be considered on the pricy side but I totally think that it is worth it.

If you want to get a try, you can find the product here (on sale now!). Please leave me your feedback if you have tried the product and if you are as satisfied as I am, I would love to read your comments!


Summer makeup routine

The lazy me during summer break reaches for easy time-saving makeup products. Here I am writing about my 10-minute summer makeup routine.

makeup routine

After my super-quick skincare routine, I put on concealer on the dark circles underneath my eyes using Collection 2000 Lasting concealer; lovely product that has a strong staying power beside providing nice coverage. I sometimes mix it up with Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer – I do not know if it is because mine is defective or not but I do not like it so far. I am still trying to use it up so I sometimes apply the mixture on pimples and dark spots.

For the main base, I love using Urban Decay Hybrid Complexion Perfector which feels more like a tinted moisturizer to me. The product has a light watery texture and provides a nice light to medium coverage. I especially like the semi-matte finish on the skin as well as the included SPF of 50. Wish there were lighter shades though…

Even if my skin tends to be dry on some areas, I still powder my face, slightly under my eyes and on my T-zone with my e.l.f High Definition Powder.

Skipping blush, bronzer and contouring, I move straight to my eyes by giving them a good curl to open them up – crucial stage for Asian eyes! After that, I tight-line my upper lash line with my beloved theSAEM Powerproof Mega Slim Liner to make my lashes appear fuller. Then I add a few coats of Clinique High Impact mascara and I am done with the eyes!

I also discovered Saemmul Browcara in dark brown by theSaem. This stuff stays put throughout the whole day once it is brushed onto the brows and adds just the right amount of definition.

As we are in the summer, I would rather keep my lips light with a sheer wash of bright color than a matte lips look so I use Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade Pink Shock.