Empties: Makeup edition

empties 2.png

Collection 2000 Cool Medium 2 – My holy grail concealer! I finished the lightest shade beforehand – the consistency is wonderful. I have no words for it. It blends beautifully under the eyes without drying, doesn’t accentuates the fine lines. I sometimes rub my eye area and this stuff doesn’t come off easily. Doesn’t leave weird patches like my rubbish Urban Decay Naked concealer… I will definitely stock up on this one when I will have the opportunity to go back to London!

Clinique Chubby stick 06 woppin’ watermelon – Just one of those colored lip balm sticks, this one is probably one of the originals. I liked it, feels as light on the lips as a lip balm… but smells like kids crayons.

Missha Under Eye Brightener light beige – This is a cheap alternative to any type of brightening concealers out there. I used to apply this over a first layer of corrector and I can say that it ran out pretty fast. The color was a touch too yellow for me but overall it was worth the money.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 01 – Good eye brow pencil, I quite liked the slanted end that is perfect to draw strokes in thick brows with – at least on mine – the spoolie end was really convenient too but gets dirty easily. I will probably try the repackaged one next time.

the SAEM ECO SOUL Powerproof Mega Slim Liner 02 Deep Brown – I seriously never ever loved a liner as much as I loved this one. This is one of the finest liners I have ever purchased beside the Clinique liner, this one is even slimmer. The only thing I have to reproach is that you get not much product inside. I used to line my eyes everyday with it and it lasted me 2 months. I will definitely repurchase it!

Kiko Rebel Bouncy blush 01 Velvet Peach (discontinued) – To be honest, I didn’t finish this blush… who finishes a blush seriously? I decided to throw this away because of its odd smooshy texture that started to look disgusting in the pan… I loved the color though, it really complimented my asian complexion.

Labello Honey lip balm – Really enjoyed using this honey scented lip balm. It was cheap and did its job of moisturizing my lips but I found myself reapplying the product many times. I will probably try something else next time.

Makeup Forever Aqua Smoky Lash Waterproof – So disappointed by this one. It just didn’t work for me at all. My eyelids tend to get oily throughout the day that’s why I always buy waterproof mascaras but this one is not at all waterproof nor oil-proof!  It smudged on me each time which made me look like I had panda eyes. Considering its price tag, I definitely don’t recommend it. Even some non-marketed as waterproof mascaras are more waterproof than this…

Rimmel Mattifying powder: I got rid of it while I was in Prague since the remaining product shattered but I would definitely repurchase it in the future. The packaging is crap so it’s not the best to travel with but it’s worth the money.


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