Morning skincare routine

I hate being late in the morning so it usually takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to make myself look put together. I find that fixing a quick “strict minimum” routine helps a lot whether you are indecisive in front of your collection or always rushing – like me.

First of all, I always start off splashing my face with cold water which is a great tip to wake up, then I follow up with a micellar water to take off the possible remaining traces of makeup from the day before. I use SVR Purifying Cleansing Water, not my favorite but I still find it really effective.

morning routine

With my sensitive skin that has the tendency of turning red in some places, I need to be extra careful with certain ingredients in my skincare. I will spare you the details about the number of face products that did not work on me for now; I completely adopted two products that have changed my skin condition. The solution to my issues was found at Bioderma. I apply the Hydrabio Smoothing Moisturizing Care all over my face and the Contour des yeux Eye cream from their Créaline line underneath my eyes. These products are not only adapted for sensitive skin and hydrating enough for the entire day but also great bases for makeup application as well.

Sometimes when I feel like it, I put on a layer of sunscreen – I personally use Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ Aquafluid. Well, I adore this product which is probably my all-time favorite sunscreen ever. The texture is light on the skin, the application is smooth and even, does not leave your face all white and is water resistant!

Do not forget your lips! Mine are usually chapped and dry but less these days anymore thanks to Payot Hydra 24+ Lèvres lip balm. Not a huge difference but it works.


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